My Birman Boys at Zarleeleaf


Arakan Asoka ~ Now Retired

Meet Asoka, our handsome Chocolate Point boy. Asoka has come to us from Arakan Birman's in Victoria. Thank you to Sue Thompson for this sweet chocolate boy. Asoka has sired some lovely Birman babies. Asoka has the most gentle temperament, just a sweetie. His eye colour is very good and he has thrown fabulous eye colour to his kittens so far. His remarkable feature would be his top of head, which would be one of the widest I have seen, it really in very deceptive when viewing his photo!

Asoka's son, Zarlee Moonwalker has achieved Many Best In Show and Supreme in Group Awards. A picture of Walker can be seen on the front page link.

Asoka has been retired now, to spend his day relaxing. He certainly left a wonderful legacy in his progeny which have been carefully placed around Australia to benefit the breed.


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Zarlee Monet's Dream


This is Leo, what a handsome man he is. Leo is Zarlee Crackerjacks son and has proven to carry chocolate. His personality is so much like his mum Zarlee Golden Cherita, quiet, very gentle and loves a cuddle and loves to nibble your toes, a real Birman trait. His colouring is wonderful, such rich seal points and a lovely pale cream back. I do select to preserve this colouring when I can.

Unfortunately Leo is not quite show marked, having a front inside toe coloured, but since I get so little time in the show season to exhibit my own cats as I judge, I have not worried too much about such a minor marking fault.

Leo is such a solid boy with a really wonderful type that I am quite excited to have such an old fashioned looking boy for my finale. Maybe even the best looking stud boy I have owned! No offence to my dearest Takashi who is his grandfather.



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