My Birman Girls at Zarleeleaf

I do not exhibit my cats very often since becoming a Judge, so my Birmans do not have the big show titles they may perhaps deserve.

I would like to introduce you to my Birman girls. Each one has their own unique personality and looks. They are all a part of my family and are never housed in small cages, they have our home as well as access to our garden and a secure outdoor area. They have no more than one litter of kittens each year as I feel that is plenty for a Birman and it allows them time to recover their figures after motherhood! Some have been successful show cats and some have not complied due to marking faults, but have strong type that has proven to carry on. Temperament and health is of primary importance to me. I learnt very early that much of a temperament is inherited, not just the love and care that is given. Therefore, if the temperament is not the best, they are not used as breeding cats for me and I make no excuses for bad behaviour! Afterall, it is the temperament of your pet that you live with every day.


Zarlee Moondancer ~ lilac point


Blondie, as she is called, is a daughter from my Zarlee Moonlight Lady and Zarlee Golden Takashi.I am very lucky to have been given such a beautiful girl to carry on with since Lady had just turned 9 years old, having produced some of my best Birmans. I had sent her best babies to overseas breeders and was thinking I may miss out! But then she gave me Blondie. She has grown into a stunning girl, with fabulous wide, full cheeks and her mothers wonderful eyes! Her first litter of babies proved she will be equally as valuable to my breeding program as her mother, perhaps more so! Her son from her first litter has gone on to win 5 Best In Show awards. Blondie is a 'special' girl around here. She knows she is very beautiful, you just have to watch her parade around our home with her tail up. She is such a placid girl as well, gets along with everyone and her favourite position is in your arms.
Blondie is a 4th generation of Zarlee Birmans


Pedigree of Moondancer








CCCA Ch Vic Gl Ch Sharada Inya Dreams ~ Blue Pt (Ch)


Inya came to me from BK Heather is Victoria, when she decided to retire from breeding Birmans. Heather knew I was a great fan of Inya, having awarded her a Best In Show when she was just into adult class. Inya would have to be one of the best Birman females I have seen and feel very fortunate to have her join the Zarlee household.

Inya is a quiet, yet self assured young lady that has bonded very close to me.
Inya has had two litters for Zarlee and a son is now residing in New Zealand to continue the lines.


Inya's Pedigree











Zarlee Golden Cherita



Rita is a daughter of my much loved Zarlee Madam Butterfly, who has now retired to sun herself in my garden, and Zarlee Golden Takashi. I have only exhibited Rita once and she was awarded Best Group 1 Female Kitten in Show!! Against very strong competition. Rita has that typical temperament from her dad. Purrs so hard she will dribble! If you let her she will live sitting on your lap all day. Rita has a wonderful full, broad face and solid body that I just love.

She is the mother of my stud, Leo.


Rita's Pedigree