Information about Zarlee Birman Kittensleaf


About Zarlee Birman Kittens -

  • My kittens leave me between 12 and 13 weeks
  • They are ALWAYS desexed before leaving.
  • This means they are thoroughly vet checked.
  • They are micro chipped for NSW (by law)
  • They will have had 2 vaccinations with the third due at 15-16 weeks of age by the new owner.
  • They are house trained to a litter tray.
  • Fully weaned and socialised.
  • Will go to indoor homes ONLY.
  • Sorry, I will NOT freight pets interstate, my kittens are too important to me and I want to meet my kittens new owners.
  • Fully operational purr motors! :))
  • Guaranteed to be raised inside our home!

All our Birman babies are born and raised in our family home and are famous for their fantastic temperament!
I feel it is extremely important to their physical and emotional development to have lots of handling. And who wouldn't love having them in the house, under foot! They have their own nursery room and when they are old enough, they join the human family throughout the house so they are used to all the normal household noises. They get plenty of attention by myself, husband and son.
I limit my number of litters each year so they have valuable time devoted to them and I can genuinely have them in our home. All my Birmans are our family pets first and their welfare will always be of the utmost importance to me.
Please be aware, under no circumstances will I export overseas to Pet Shops or to 'pet' homes only. I also reserve the right to refuse to sell to any enquiry if I deem necessary.
This, I am proud to say, is a much loved hobby, not a commercial business!