Some of my wonderful Birman retireesleaf

This page is dedicated to some of my much loved Birmans in my breeding program. Many are still living with me but sadly, some have passed to cat heaven.


Sl Db Gd Ch Zarlee Golden Takashi

Winner of Best Group 1 Exhibit 4 times!

23/8/1997 - 2011 RIP my special boy. Gone too soon.

Numerous times Best Birman in Show, all in a very limited show career.

Takashi produced some of my best Birman's, not only with his wonderful looks but his exceptional temperament. He was truly the sweetest natured boy, just loved to be cuddled! A son of my UK import DGC Quernmore Xerxes and SDGC Zarlee Golden Shimaya. Takashi proudly carried on the beautiful looks of his mother and the character of his father. .He is the proud sire of such great show cats as EC Zarlee Choc Dundee, EC Zarlee Sydney 2000.

His great lines are continuing with me in his daughters here at Zarlee and they have proven to carry on his legacy.

A wonderful boy that stole my heart, just as his father did.







Zarlee Crackerjack


Crackerjack is the son of my Swedish Import boy 
IC Lackerbitens Lilleman and Xamela Lataija, both retired. He is the personality boy of the house! Always smiling and loves to wash you! Unfortunately, I did not have time to ever exhibit Cracker. But he has that lovely broad face I love and the longest tail!. He has also retained his lovely pale coat and strong point colour, even at 6 years of age and has thrown this to a number of his progeny. He passed on his wonderful profile to many of his babies, strong chins and very roman noses, as well as his great tail! Cracker has been retired to pass the responsibility to his son Leo and give him a well earned break.







What Do You Do With The Old Ones?
What do you do with the old ones?
The ones that are past, their glory gone by,
The ones that didn't win, however they try,
The ones that did win, but later turned shy,
The first one you bought, that had a light eye.
They're eating their heads off, the food bills are high.

What do you do with the old ones?
Find them good homes, the answer is clear,
But the only good home that mine want... is here.
Their own special sofa, covered with hairs,
Their special place on the dining room chairs.
The safe and familiar paths of their days,
The garden, the kitchen, their own funny ways
That only I know... and even their food
If not given by me, wouldn't taste half as good.

So now I'm deep in old ones, who're not good at all
Who clutter the sitting room, kitchen and hall,
Who need to be brushed, to be loved, to be fed,
Who only want me to put them to bed!

They're faithful and loving and set in their ways,
So I'm stuck with them all, for the rest of their days,
But I have to confess that when we do have to part
I'll miss them so much... it will just break my heart.